Some comments from the men who have attended our lunches...

“I am honored to be a part of the family which is His Deal.”

“It was truly inspiring to see so many men gather and be committed to growth. Thanks for leading that charge.”

"Today’s His Deal was probably one of the best ever.  Truly a Super Bowl event (featuring Jeff Kemp and Al Doyle).  Thank you.”

"Your group inspired me to give my life to Jesus.  Take care, and I will keep in touch.”

“Thank you greatly for reaching out to me.  I want to begin by expressing my sincere gratitude to you for allowing me to participate in such an amazing group of men.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to continue to do so.  My testimony has seen the darkest of dark and the brightest of light as my walk with Christ continues to grow and strengthen.  It is the greatest gift I have ever been given. … For many years in my professional and personal life I was convinced that God and professional success could not coexist, that you made a choice, one or the other.  Boy, have I never been more happy to be wrong, and these last several years are a testament to that God's plan.  Thank you again for your hospitality.”

“I am sorry that I could not remain for the whole interview (with Sean Dunn of yesterday. It was so encouraging to hear how many young people are being reached for Christ. Thank you for your work. Your reference to the “Intentionality of God” was helpful. It is great to be reminded that God is sovereign. He has not lost control.”

"I appreciate the genuine relevancy of each His Deal meeting.”

"An uplifting hour+ for sure.  Thank you.“

"I never realized how much I would miss having lunch with a group of guys a couple times a month and listening to the gospel!” (during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020)

"...It's a flight away to attend His Deal and I miss you guys!  Not anymore!!!!!  His Deal is just a click away now.  How fortunate am I..."

"It was inspiring to listen to so many brothers in Christ and hear their stories and view points.  Thank you for setting this up on Zoom." 

"Hey, my friend, thanks for sharing the Good Word. You’ve proven again, His deal is the best deal🙏”

"I am truly grateful for the impact you continue to have in my life and the lives of so many other men!”

“Makes me reconsider my focus in life and if there is a different path I should be on.  Puts everything back into perspective … just how fragile life is. We need more people openly revealing their faith, particularly with the direction our society has moved without faith.”

Dear George, I have been contacted by someone via email saying that he would like to bring some specific prayer points from me to his group. He seems to see my prayer request on your prayer blog. How blessed it is to actually know that people from other part of the world praying for us in Myanmar in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ? May God's name be glorified. Thank you so much again for praying us. You are in our prayers too. --God's blessings!

It was such a blessing and honor just to be there with all of you, the people of God at His Deal. I did not expect to get the privilege of sharing with all of you the Kachins' experience of God's love in the midst of persecutions and suffering in Myanmar. I am just looking at the web link ( you provided and finding helpful to myself. Thank you for praying for the Kachin people of Myanmar on that day. I humbly request His Deal to continue to uphold us in your prayers that God's spiritual and physical hands will reach out to the Kachin people of the Northern Myanmar (Burma).  God's blessings! --Ting Ying

"You have fostered a terrific venue for Christian men and seekers.  Intimate, hearing personal testimonies, equipping the saints, a safe environment to be real and this open to growth."

“I enjoyed being around some exceptional, nice and inspired people.  I will be back. Thanks for the Bible also. I have a real fancy one I think was written for the Pope.  I look forward to seeing you all again.  Bless you and your work.”

"Thanks for making me a part of this amazing experience."
"I truly love and support your ministry and hope to be involved for a long time."

“Thanks for your service to all the men of His Deal who love Jesus Christ and gather under your leadership and learn from each other just how to (get) through the easy and hard times that come along in life. As you know, right now I am in a time of change, and when I get into fear, I can interrupt my thoughts with the reality that my soul is safe for eternity.  ‘Schoolhouse Earth’ is in session, and the things I perceive as ‘hard things’ may just be the lessons that will allow me to give wise and hopeful counsel to someone in fear in the future.”

"It's so interesting as I reflect on (the His Deal lunch) yesterday... The people, the location, the ability to connect. I just love the situation.  I love the fact that God allows us to be down here for a period of time and go through all the trials and the things that stretch us. We get to laugh tears of joy and sadness. We just get to experience the whole deal...His Deal…"
"All I can say is ‘Wow!’  I was impressed, motivated and inspired to take action things I can do to live a more purposeful life in Christ, all from (the speaker’s) testimony.”

“His Deal has been so vital to my Christian tender years. I look forward to seeing what God does with me."  
"I so appreciated my time today with you and the others (at the His Deal lunch).  Ichabod's word on believing what God says to us was so good and timely for where we are in our passion. I love knowing and believing that Jesus Himself prays for us all by name at the right hand of our powerful.  I know He has something new and revitalizing for His church, and I am so excited to participate with Father.  I look forward to seeing you and the others again…”

"Your His Deal meetings are always inspiring to me.  I hope to be there more often, and I'll be sure to let you know if a ride is necessary.”

“I am really enjoying our meetings … we cover a lot of areas and are fed heart, mind, body and soul at every meeting, and the personal witnesses about faith are extraordinary.”
“I had such an amazing time yesterday. I plan to attend whenever my schedule allows. … I am more interested in the fellowship and spiritual guidance. I have been a believer since January 7th …and I now refer to myself as a follower of Jesus which means that I love everyone I come in contact with and give back whenever I can. I am looking for guidance and advice on how to best discover or establish my ministry. Also, how to reach people and tell them the Good News of Christ. Honestly, it is hard for me to focus when I am not in the Word or talking to people about Jesus….My testimony truly is still developing as I realize just how much God has always been in my life and that the 33 years I was running from him he was right on my heels.” 
“Thank you...your timing could not have been more perfect.  I literally just said to Him yesterday that I could really use a good PAPA hug.”
“Wow... !!! Thank you so much for everything you have done to prepare me for this moment and everything you will do to prepare me for the next. I am so thankful that God has put you in my life to help me prepare for the mission He designed me for.”
“Been going through a rough patch with work, full of trials and blessings, so I appreciate the reminder that God is good all the time!  Hope to see you soon -- Wednesday if my schedule allows …”
“Thank you for thinking of me, George.  I miss coming to His Deal and hearing God's word and being inspired by the experiences of the wonderful men who attend and speak there.”
“The Lord continues to make great progress in me and all areas of my life (as a follower of Christ, as a husband, as a father and as a warrior for His kingdom in my workplace.) …. I will make it a point to get out to His Deal sometime soon. It has been too long.”
“Your timing is so connected to the Lord.  The company moved me again ….  I don’t know why I keep doing this as the physical and mental work is so immense.  This past week has included moving out of our Seattle home, driving 20+ hours with the dogs to our new home, and the moving truck unloaded yesterday.  I have definitely reached my capacity, so your email last night as I crawled into bed could not have been more reassuring for me.”

"Today’s experience (His Deal lunch at the WAC) was filled with positive energy that provided me with an incredible ability to further expand my understanding of the awesome power and mercy the Lord bestows upon us to fulfill His will.”
"I was so moved by being with you guys that I can hardly wait for the next. I will be there, you can count on it!”

"Thank you so much for continuing to provide the opportunity for believers to get together in a safe warm and affirming setting.  I only wish I had continued to attend after attending so many years ago. I look forward to future meetings and learning from the amazing group of brothers who have decided to live their lives with meaning and purpose for His kingdom.”
"I felt safe to share something personal with this group and was touched by the remarks and the prayer.  What a great group of men!“
“(The His Deal lunch) was a great experience, and it was an honor to be able to connect with such high caliber people who love the Lord.”

“...I had a wonderful time … AMAZING!  Such a thoughtful program unfolded, and the reading of Scripture has now compelled me to revisit the Bible.”

“The His Deal group is a place I go to for mentoring and growth in my faith.  Thank you to the whole group for being there and being real for our Lord.”

"It was great to see everyone and be a part of the great Bible study. It is a real blessing to be surrounded by a godly group. It really stirred my soul. Thank you for that. “

"I think your ministry is truly special, significant and much-needed.”

"It's always such an honor to be there. I really feel blessed and fed when I'm able to make it. I sure am grateful for His Deal!“

"Thank you so much for hosting such an excellent event/group for us men. I had a great time and felt very inspired and blessed. I will plan on visiting again!  I'm going to look at your upcoming schedule and plan some of my trips to Seattle around your events so that I can attend.  His Deal makes a difference!”

"Thank you again for taking time to meet with me. I came away encouraged, challenged and hopeful for what the Lord has next for me! “

"So wish I could be with you…fellowship…nurturing…networking…men sharing with men…WOW!"

"His Deal is the real blessing that keeps on giving.”

“It's always good to see you and everyone and talk JESUS. I will try and get down soon!”

"It was such a wonderful opportunity being at the luncheon on Tuesday. I deeply enjoyed the fellowship & content. I do hope to be back soon!"

"Your ministry to people has a lasting influence in so many ways.“

"I walked away changed....I am sure many other brothers were changed by the Lord's love and presence. His Deal has fruit that is eternal.”

"Over the last three and a half years that I’ve been a regular at His Deal, my life has changed dramatically, and that has poured over into my marriage and the fathering of my two sons.  One of those major impacts that came as a result of His Deal’s influence was when you laid out the 'free pile' of books and I picked up The Soul of the Firm by your brother-in-law, Bill Pollard.”

"Thanks for your continued friendship and dedication to teaching the living Truth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

"Yesterday’s session was particularly rich!”

"Thank you for today’s His Deal on trust and courage amid the storm. Timing was perfect.”

"And thank you for helping me follow Him more closely in my daily walk!  It's a trip!  Best one ever!”

"Yesterday’s Bible study was amazing – it seems I’m always saying that, but it really was.”

"I can never get too much of you fellas.”

"What a terrific group you have.  I'm smiling right now as I think about the mighty men of faith in that room.  God is present in this group in a powerful way; so heartening to see. … I will, indeed, look at the schedule and archives.  Thank you for making a difference."

"Been so blessed coming to His Deal! Love the people and the speakers. Would like to come as often as I can.”

"I feel very blessed to be invited to visit your group. Thank you again for lunch.  I plan on becoming a regular and look forward to enhancing my relationship with God.  I would like to (get) the easy-to-read Bible we shared today.  I feel I could benefit from reading it.”

“Today (at His Deal) was very enlightening for me.  I hope to be a regular with the group. Thank you again for lunch.”

"I was more than happy to come to the gathering today and was very fortunate to get to interact with as many people as I did. I really appreciated you taking some time to talk with me, and also appreciated that others did as well. You guys have a good thing going there, and I would be happy to attend again.  Again, thank you for the hospitality.”

"Today has been a very memorable day for me. Not expected when I left home, but I’m very thankful you invited me.  As I commented to you, while what happened today clearly has God's signature on it. Thanks again for inviting me to join you and the others at His Deal; it clearly is His Deal."

"Thanks again for having me yesterday. I was impacted by the love of the men at the group. Secure, humble, loving men. What a wonderful thing you’re a part of. I hope to come again as my schedule allows.”

"Thanks for having me.  It was a good re-focus on the Lord in the midst of a busy day / week.”

"His Deal has impacted my life far more than words can express.”

“Thanks for creating space for people to grow in their faith!"

"You guys also made me feel welcomed as a first time attendee.”

“…(His Deal) remains a marvel to so many.”

"Wow, what a powerful His Deal today.  Today, for me, and I imagine for many of the men, was a vivid reminder to trust that God knows what He is doing, and has a plan for good, even in our darkest moments and deepest valleys."

"I was certainly blessed by your hospitality and the warm welcome from the others in attendance.  You have an impressive group.  I will definitely be back.”

“I just want to say how grateful I am for your so generously welcoming me to the His Deal lunches while I was up that way.”

“I have no idea what my life would be like without His Deal and your personal intervention as friends and mentors …”

"I really enjoy and appreciate the fellowship, teaching and sense of community that the Lord has created through His Deal!  I only wish I could be there every time rather than averaging around once a month!"

"Grateful for your ministry of grace and light!"

"I am so thankful ... for His Deal and the privilege of connecting with brothers to feed on God’s Word and get armored up as we navigate this crazy world.  The pleasure these past few months has been all mine!  I am a work in progress, too often forgetting that God is in control, not me, and too prone to enjoy the praise of men.  His Deal is helping me deal better with my walk.”

"Thanks for letting me join you folks and see the great teaching and ministry is happening in the most unpredictable of places!  The last four years in (a state east of the Mississippi) have left us struggling to share how life differs living in the Bible belt from skeptical Seattle.  One would guess that it is easier living your faith in the Bible belt, but actually everyone claims faith but with mixed societal results.  Here very few claim it, but you turn around and see evidence of God at work.  I loved your way to include and care for people and have a strong, impactful and thorough Bible Study all in an hour and a half!"

"I'm so thankful for His Deal. It really has strengthened my walk with God.”

“Thank you for blessing my life with your Bible teachings.”

"Thanks so much for reaching out and letting me know about His Deal lunches.  I could use some mentorship and encouragement from some guys who have walked a little farther along in life’s journey than I have.”

"What a blessing and pleasure it was to join you today. Thank you for making a newcomer feel so welcome and for the excellent Bible study and food for thought! I will definitely be back and look forward to checking out the website.”

"It was such a blessing being able to attend the lunch yesterday.  I was really encouraged and challenged ... I am still very new to the area and trying to figure out job situation and just Seattle life in general.  … If you would be up for it, It would mean a lot for me if we could grab a cup of coffee together?”

“...over working years when I yet did not credit the Lord or Holy Spirit in my discoveries or my career. Wish I had had a His Deal to guide me back then."

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet you today and to enjoy the fine gentlemen who attended.  I was thrilled at the luncheon… the love for the Lord and the ability to share openly with others.  Thank you.  I left the luncheon refreshed and ready for the remainder of the week.  I’m sure I can bring others in the coming weeks.  I don’t know about every other week, but you can certainly count on me to attend monthly."

"Great meeting yesterday”

“ … another very meaningful investment of our time.”

"Thank you so much for the invite and the delicious meal! What an amazing time to be alive and awake! (The speaker’s) talk was so spectacular, really rich and full of revelation.  Poignant and perfect timing on the delivery. I will definitely make the group a part of my routine. See you next time. “

"Like I said at the event, you have a good thing going.”

"I appreciate the time and fellowship very much.  Thank you for having me and for being so welcoming.”

"Blessed by and so grateful for your prayers."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the His Deal meetings, and they are a wonderful and positive influence in, and on, my life.  The Norm Evans lunch meeting yesterday was amazing.  I was blessed to have been a part of the event.”

"I miss the luncheons.  It meant so much to me."

"Thanks for some great dialogue at His Deal on Tuesday.  It’s incredibly valuable to give and receive at those meetings.  Your focus on the word is so important and relevant to what’s taking place in our lives.”

“... just wanted to let you know I shared your lesson on Ephesians with the guys this morning.”

"Thanks so much for the invite to your group.  Such a good group of men.  Promoting the Love of Jesus. Thanks again.”

"I get a lot out of the talks and God’s been connecting me with some great encouragers through this."

"Unfortunately, my work schedule doesn't permit me to get down to His Deal in this season. I miss seeing the … fellas … amazing teaching and interviews. There is nothing out there like His Deal!  My life is forever changed because of you. I hope to make it down sometime soon.”

" I really miss being with you and the guys ... in the study of God’s word in such an informative and challenging manner."

"Thanks again for a terrific HIS DEAL yesterday. It is such a blessing to be around men who know how to follow Him.”

"I'm grateful for you and your friendship and encouragement; you've helped my faith go deeper.”

"I often think and pray for His Deal and an impact it has made in my life!”

"My life was forever changed at the hand of God in the Nordstrom boardroom (at His Deal)."

"His Deal has been a true blessing to me though I haven't been able to attend very much."

"I really enjoyed myself and meeting and chatting with some of the guests (at this week's lunch).  Also, I was very touched by your guest speaker, Mr. William Pollard, and his comments and insights on his life, learning and leadership. ... I will try and make it when I return from Hong Kong."

"It was great to be (at the lunch) and to hear from Bill Pollard.  My guest, thoroughly enjoyed it.  I will plan to attend from time to time when I can invite and bring someone who will not only enjoy the luncheon / theme and other men but one who also will gain a deeper insight into his faith/work experience."

"It was a real pleasure to attend the lunch and meet the group yesterday. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. I look forward to attending future lunches and getting more well-acquainted with the men who are attending."

"It was great to be with everyone.  I really enjoyed the time and benefited from it a great deal.  I hope to attend on a regular basis."

"It was a very welcoming group and I look forward to attending again."

"It was a great experience!"

"I really appreciate your leadership in presenting this information.  I felt like I was trying to drink from a fire hose.  I wish I could have caught the rest of the series."

"It was really great being part of the Bible study today… I was so impressed to see this many men in one place have a desire to see the movement of God in their family, among their friends and colleagues and in their personal walk with God.  I was really blessed today.  Thank you."

"Thank you for your encouraging words.  Even though Jesus is my closest Friend, it is uplifting to be encouraged by others through whom He is sending messages to me."

"I feel revitalized and very encouraged in many ways.  You gave me much more than I could have anticipated in wisdom, Godly principles, and a road-map with specific, vital stops to make to reach a clear destination.  I'll keep you apprised of my progress, as well as cc you on the referrals you kindly shared. Blessings to you and your family and I pray that God keeps you in the forefront of men that need to be nudged by you!"

"It was a pleasure being in attendance ...  I look forward to joining His Deal for more lunches and getting to know everyone!  Lots of work to be done!"

"Great getting in the Word today. I learned a lot. Haven't spent much time before this year in the Old Testament, so that was enlightening to get into Isaiah."

"I am now sitting at home, reading through various Bobb Biehl tools from the PPT you created. What a treasure trove of resources!"

"Thank you!!  I was in the middle of what is always a chaotic day. I was really glad to stop and spend some time in fellowship with you all. "
"I was honored to be a part of the His Deal luncheon today.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to meet others, share thoughts, and enjoy the speaker ....  I look forward to seeing you soon."

".... thank you for letting me be a part of the fabulous experience at His Deal.  What a wonderful time and group.  I will be back, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!"

"What a home run today."

"It was an absolute pleasure to ... enjoy the fine gentlemen who attended.  I was thrilled at the luncheon … Thank you.  I left the luncheon refreshed and ready for the remainder of the week.  I’m sure I can bring others in the coming weeks.  I don’t know about every other week, but you can certainly count on me to attend monthly."

"Thank you for being so generous with your time and your wisdom and resources today.  ... I spent more time on the His Deal web site.  That is a very well developed web site and is really a portal to such great resources."

"(Today's was) One of THE best His Deal sessions ever.  Thank you."

"Thank you for allowing me to come.  It's a great group with a great purpose.  I would like to spend more time there when I cut back on my office schedule."

"(Today's His Deal lunch was) Chock full of good stuff as always!"

“Great meeting today!  I was engaged from the moment it began and am certain Bobb Biehl’s presentation hit at the heart of many men’s needs.  Thanks for arranging this special event!”

“Congratulations on a great event. It was a really rich day for me and I'm grateful that you asked me to pick up Bobb Biehl ... and for the conversation we got to have as a result.”

Re Bobb Biehl’s seminar:  “Another five star presentation! Just a whole lot of great thoughts.”

"Thanks so much ... for leading an excellent study.  I enjoyed it very much and hope to attend again.  What an impressive group!"

"I really enjoyed the the lunch and getting into God's word with the different business leaders in Seattle."

"Your ministry is one of a kind, and I am excited to be able to join you next time I am back in Seattle."

"I am working in downtown Seattle again after a couple of years away, and I could use something like this.  Can you please send me the invites to the monthly meetings?  Thanks!"

"(His Deal's) engagement in my life through prayer support and teaching has been a source of true blessing!  Through these trying and turbulent times the message of His Deal has renewed the focus in my life."

"It was great to be with you and everyone today at HIS DEAL.  You really point out and show how awesome our God is along with Jesus and the Holy Spirit... I have always been thankful that I have met someone like the group of guys at HIS DEAL since it's not always easy living in this world as a single father.  But His Deal reminds me that I am also in God's family, and He is looking after me, and I can trust in Him.  So that’s one of the things I got after today's meeting.  How good is that!!"

"I was incredibly encouraged and edified at His Deal. God knew it was EXACTLY what I needed."

"Thanks for overseeing such a great organization -- His Deal.  I really enjoyed my time at the lunch.  Everything was wonderful -- the speaker, community and atmosphere.  Thanks!  I'll let you know next time I am in town (from Sacramento) so we can get together."

“I am hoping to bring one of my closest friends.  He asks a lot of good questions, and I know he would love what goes on at His Deal.  It’s so nice to be able to bring people and friends to a Deal like yours. When I say, ‘Would you like to go to lunch and meet some great people who are curious about Jesus Christ and do a little Bible study?’ they mostly say, ‘Yeah, I would like to check it out.’  It’s really cool.  Thanks !! “

"... what a great group of men, I was honored to attend."

" I never will ever walk away from His Deal and the lessons I'm still learning each day because of a few men who taught me and reminded me how to look, listen and act a better way while enjoying this gift each day called life.  I think of you often..."

"Thank you for your time, ideas, questions and ears.  I always appreciate your company and support.  As you may know, the word 'career' is from the medieval term for 'path.'  Thank you for helping me along mine."

"Every guy I met today (at the His Deal lunch) is someone I would like to know better.  Thanks for the honor of being a guest."

"It was really cool to open the scriptures in the middle of the day like that and hear the thoughts of other men on them."

"I can only say Amazing! I feel so privileged to be a part of His Deal. Yesterday’s speaker was so inspirational that it makes me want to walk even closer to God."

"I am reading (finally) the book you encouraged me to check out two years ago. THE REST OF THE GOSPEL is clearly the next step in my personal faith journey.  Thank you for your faithfulness and clarity."

"THANK YOU for taking the time to assemble truth for us to chew on every other Tuesday.  God has done some amazing things for me this year.  Regular attendance to your teaching and your prayers no doubt have played a part in God's plan to redirect me back on track."

"Great lunch yesterday (in Romans ch. 12)…I've digested the meal but still digesting all that was said yesterday. Like a turkey leg, there's a lot of meat."

"Sure wish I could wrap His Deal in a box and give it to my son for Christmas."

"I was blown away by the gifts and caliber of the men in that room."

"It was great for me to make it to His Deal and see you and the faith gang.  Needed it big time yesterday."

"An Excellent 90 minutes and very powerful!"

"Excellent meeting yesterday.  I am getting a lot from these lunch meetings.  It is so helpful in my own journey to being one with our Father to see and hear the other men who are living up to what Jesus teaches as best they can through all the challenges of life.  These guys are role models for me as I continue on this path.  Thanks for caring enough to set this up for all of us."

"Thank you so much for allowing me to attend yesterday! I cannot tell you how encouraging it was for me to hear the testimony and walk of faith the men in that room ... I meant it when I said my heart was full. God is good! I will definitely come again. ... If there is ever anything I can do to help you, please don't hesitate to ask. You encouraged me greatly!"

"(Thank) you for ... all of us that are so fortunate to get the blessings from attending "His Deal.'  It is a great fellowship and is working on me in my relationship with Jesus and our Father."

"God does have an earthshaking message of love for us, doesn't he?"

"Thank you for the wonderful lunch.  The discussion was glorious!  It was sharp, sincere, it was thoughtful and eloquent.  I'm lucky to be here and fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful group."

"At least once a day I think about how much I appreciate our Bible study group."

"One thing those luncheons NEVER do is drag."

"So very thankful for who (His Deal is) in my life.  God used you to prepare me for this.  Life is good."

"It was another wonderful Tuesday.  The men are jumping into these discussions with both feet.  Thank you for shining a light on the path I need to follow."

"His Deal is one of the real pleasures of my life."

"I enjoyed lunch immensely.  The food was good and the company was better.  Today's lesson was very appropriate to the current events in my life.  I never cease to be amazed by God's grace."

"I enjoyed the time spent with you and the group.  I felt a real presence of the Spirit amongst a bunch of men that weren't afraid to talk about tough issues without getting 'preachy.'  Seems like a sure sign of men who are comfortable in their faith.  I'll be back."
"Thank you for an absolutely great luncheon meeting for His Deal today.  The guests were so humble and yet so power packed with wisdom on leadership tips that really matter.  I look forward to getting to another meeting some time in 2011... it was truly a blessing to be part of the meeting."
"It is a soul recharger for me."
"Everytime I sign up for one of these (lunches) I realize how much a privilege it is to get to go."
"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated your His Deal meeting yesterday. ___ _____ has been talking HD up quite a bit and it was fun to attend.  You have a great group of guys .....  I hope to attend another event in the not too distant future.  Cheers!"

"After our lunch today I walked back to my home office feeling so grateful and serene, being reminded again of what truly matters in this life."
"It's a good group with inspiring messages."

"Thank you for inviting me to the His Deal luncheon.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  What a refreshing break from the typical daily grind.  I look forward to future attendance and participation."

"I was really impressed by the quality and variety of people who are drawn into the His Deal luncheons.  I can't wait to see what happens next!"

"Thank you so much for hosting such a meaningful gathering.  I truly enjoyed the opportunity to visit and will definitely be back."

"I was greatly blessed and challenged to walk with Christ in a greater way.  I felt it was very real and I will be back."

"Just wanted you to know how much I wish I could attend these Bible studies each time.  Unfortunately, my new job is (not nearby), and I just can't get away for that long yet.  Attending last month was a turning point in my life.  I want you to know how much it meant to me to spend that time with those men and the Word of God... God has blessed so much since.  Within a week, He provided an abundant new career with new opportunities to minister to others." 

"It was an absolute pleasure to be with you all today.  Thanks for the hospitality.  I was very impressed with everyone and everything.  And what a venue!"

"I am just coming down from my high after yesterday's discussion.  Thanks for being there to rip and tear to get some of that deep seated stuff out of my soul!  I needed to purge... I don't know your schedule, but I could sure benefit from having a similar type of discussion on a more frequent basis... You name a date, time and place (coffee house) and I will be there with note pad in hand."

"A great day of conversation, learning and enlightenment.  I am so glad to have had you explain and help me feel that I am 'In Christ.'  It is a good club to be 'In.'  I won't say that I understand it all, or completely agree with it all from a Biblical standpoint, but I feel the Love, and like the feeling!  So bring it on!"

"Thank you so much for... His Deal.  I love attending when I can... It really makes my day when I go, and it has been a great impact in my life this past year.  I have learned a lot from... the men in that room!  Thank you!"

"I can't thank you enough for what... His Deal has done for me in my life.  My faith and belief and knowledge have grown immensely... and I am so proud to be part of His Deal and Jesus Christ's family.  I might not be able to see you for a while because of my... schedule, but that doesn't mean I have stopped thinking of you and what I am missing."

"Thank you... this full year of His Deal at Nordy's has been so incredible.  My Dad would be so grateful to know I am finally understanding 'the deal.'"

"Your generosity is unmatched and I am eternally grateful for the encouragement His Deal (has) been for me.  The best fruit I can point to is that my marriage has been strengthened by it!"

"I can't tell you what an impact (His Deal) has on my life."

"I had several great 'take aways' (from today's lunch) which I shared with my wife.  Lord willing, I'll be there again next month!  It's on my calendar in ink."

 "And, wow, what a His Deal Tuesday afternoon in the boardroom.  I always am amazed by how you keep it all fresh and thought provoking.  What a topic!"
"The Scripture and discussion were certainly 'food for thought' as intended.  Thank you for inviting me, and I hope to attend again."

"...thank you for including me in your lunches.  They are extremely helpful to me, and I am excited to be surrounded by such an amazing group of men who are willing to share as much as they do."
"Good to be back at His Deal, working to understand my purpose in life.  Thanks be to God!"
"Fortunately, it's never too late to change... I appreciate your encouragement and wisdom as I seek the truth."
"I've been in many settings both in groups and individually, and most men are absolutely thirsting for this kind of fellowship and relationship."
"As one who has lost a wife to breast cancer and tens of millions of $$$ in the recent real estate bust, I can tell everyone that without the grace of God, I would be a totally lost soul.  That grace has brought me love, peace, a sense of humility and wonder, a new grandchild, a wonderful new lady in my life who I will marry next month, and a sense of worth.  As my fiancee said to me recently, and I paraphrase, His Deal has brought my soul out into the open, and shown the real man in me.  Thanks be to God."
"Great meeting yesterday.  Actually, all of the His Deal gatherings that I've attended have been great.  Thank you again for welcoming me into this group.  It has been a huge blessing, and I've learned so much in just a brief period of attendance."
"I know all of the men in the audience yesterday left the meeting with help we can put to use instantly."
"Thank you for the lunch on Tuesday. I was inspired, encouraged and made some new friends. Can't ask for much better than that.  I'm looking forward to attending future lunches and being able to bring others that need to hear His message in this type of setting. I'd also love to get a chance to meet with you and talk some more about what birthed this and the process ... to make it what it is today. There is a need for this type of meeting in places all over the world ..."
"Thanks for putting together this great gathering ..... I really appreciate your input and investment in the next generation of leaders here in WA State."

'What a great Scripture-based tradition your group has created together."
"It was a very inspiring meeting..."
"These lunches are what it's all about...the best!!.....Thanks"
"When something feeds a very deep spot, one tends to crave the nourishment.  I enjoy the information and the camaraderie.  Thanks for creating such a work of art."
"I look forward to experiencing more of what the Lunch has to offer."
"I really enjoyed the last meeting.  It was a total success!  I am really enjoying the support and love I get from the group.  Whether you  like it or not I will be a fixture from here on.  Thanks for the opportunity."
"What a remarkable thing to be in that room."
"..…great meeting yesterday.  Loved the format…and the dialogue."
"Thank for your part in all the 'rebuilding' in this past year and a half of my life."
"Thanks for getting such interesting guest speakers!"
“Thanks for focusing on what’s really important in life!”
"Thank you for yet another thoughtful and challenging session!!"
"You were (and are) there when I needed someone."
“Best Bible study ever.  Learned so very much.  I hope all my friends will (come) ….”
" I really appreciate all you have done to further our understanding of the Bible and God's grace."
“I am hoping to bring one of my closest friends this Tuesday but I won't know until later today.  He asks a lot of good questions, and I know he would love what goes on at His Deal.  It’s so nice to be able to bring people and friends to a Deal like yours.“
"Thank you for opening my eyes to God's grace."

“You truly are running a million dollar corporate training series at the cost of a free lunch.  THANK YOU!”
“I am enjoying the meetings very much.  It is ‘Food for Thought’ that can be used each and every day!!”

"... a wonderful forum for men to learn and grow spiritually"

"The sight of 35 plus men meeting around the person of Jesus in a downtown boardroom is a thrill.  The reverberations extend out from there the rest of the week to so many others that they touch.  Thanks for including me in this grand adventure."
“My wife and I are moving back to Oklahoma. I will miss (the lunches), but will always carry fond memories of the people and topics we touched on.”

“Today was a message I was needing to hear and to live by!”

"God bless you for carrying on with this. It means so much to all of us."

“I will miss the monthly oasis of spirituality and camaraderie that these lunches provide, and will make every effort to schedule return trips to Seattle on dates that coincide with your gatherings.”

“What a great session.  I loved it.”

“Here it is two days later.  I'm still feeling the afterglow of Tuesday.“

“That was a great afternoon!”

“Please thank the men for the pleasure of their company during my time in Seattle. I met some truly genuine followers of Christ who in turn have strengthened my belief.”

“Another thought-provoking hour and a half.”

“I got a lot out of this month’s lunch. … Hopefully I will be bringing a guest next month.”

“I can say that I've never found your presentations boring, I've learned some things, and I'm hoping someday something will click, and I'll go over the bump that seems to be holding me back.  If it's not a problem, keep me on the list.”

“(It) was enjoyable...seeing you and old friends in the biz.  I'm just not a ‘meeting’ kind of guy except the AA variety.  My spiritual background is not scripturally focused.  I'm sort of the ‘Love God, love your neighbor’ school … I'm comfortable with my connection with God.  Heck... when I pray I even get the feeling it's a ‘local call’ rather than "long distance.”