Invite every man in the Seattle area to discover and commit to knowing and following Jesus Christ.


His Deal is a safe gathering place for men who are curious about Jesus Christ and what He taught.


Is His Deal For You?

We explore the Bible at our twice-monthly, interactive, online sessions, focusing on what Jesus Christ taught. And we also have special guests from diverse professions who tell us how God has transformed their lives, giving them new purpose, wisdom and strength to meet life's challenges.

Unemployment is an issue, so we come alongside men with encouragement, prayer, networking, etc.  
Marital stress, strained relationships, divorce, parenting --- these are not easy to deal with.  Sometimes what’s appropriate is just being present, simply listening, reading a guiding verse of Scripture and a caring prayer requesting God’s peace and direction.  Sadly, there are hospital visits and occasional memorial services.

Our 20-somethings are eager to find their niche in the marketplace.  By asking questions and digging into their answers, we can often help them discover the next step God has for them to take.
 The greatest thrill is hearing from men of all ages who are being renewed by what they find in God’s Word – especially those who entrust their lives to Jesus and what He accomplished for each of us on the cross.

Thank you for making His Deal possible.
Focusing with you on forever,
George Toles
Cell 206-947-0159


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