It's His Deal

Life is a gamble
So shuffle the deck
You figure the odds
But, hey, what the heck.

Wherever they fall,
It’s beyond your control;
Brag if you like,
You’ll be stuck with your role.

One minute you’re rich;
That feeling’s unreal.
But let’s face it, bud,
In truth, it’s His deal.

You dream, you scheme,
Leverage your bets.
You consult with your shrink,
Even check with your pets.

You’re payin’ their bills
And buyin’ their drinks
So they’re sayin’ “You’re great,”
But you know somethin’ stinks.

This scam called free will
It leads you astray
Meanwhile, you’re singin,’
“I did it my way.”

It’s a pure game of chance --
At least that’s your view.
You’re wearin’ the pants;
It’s all about you.

But one day there comes
A change in the tide
You’re now in the back seat,
Just along for the ride.

The doc’s got bad news
Your broker does too
You’re reluctant to answer
When asked, “Hey, what’s new?”

Where’s your confidence now?
Your portfolio’s gone.
All your cars and your toys
How did right go so wrong?

That faith that you had
It was all in yourself
Your fans went away;
You’re alone on the shelf.

Maybe just one more roll
Of the dice will be all
That you need to get up
After such a bad fall.

Whatever you do,
Don’t forget what is real.
When all’s said and done.
We’ll all know “it’s His deal.”

He knows what it means
To know gain and loss.
He’s the One who for you
Gave it all on that cross.

So don’t wait too late
Swap the phony for real.
Take the gift that He offers
Take Him up on His deal.
Words by John Keithan and George Toles
Copyright © 2014.  John Keithan and George Toles.  All Rights Reserved.