Where's Life

When I was growing up down South,
LIFE was a magazine.
And you were quite "the cat's meow"
If in it you were seen.

In coming years I tripped along
By flailing through life's choices.
I had to find out who I was
Suggestions from so many voices!

At last I learned who's in control;
It wasn't moi, for sure.
Not mind, emotions, body, soul;
It's He who's made my spirit pure.

How freeing to know "Christ is my life!"
I'm not who I seem to be.
For outwardly I act both good and bad,
But who I am is "Christ in me."

At the cross God's wrath was fully spent;
Punishment for all my sin.
There my old nature bit the dust;
My new life, Christ, now lives within.

It is for freedom He's set me free,
No more a slave to death.
Inhale fresh righteousness and see
What God supplies with every breath.

What matters now about my name
Comes not by power nor by might.
It's that it's written once for all
Inside God's Book of Life.

Copyright © 2014.  George Toles.  All Rights Reserved