“I’ve used these thoughts thousands of times in my consulting!” Bobb Biehl
AFFORDABILITY -- You can't really enjoy anything that you can't really afford.
ASKING -- Ask profound questions, and you’re more likely to get profound answers.
ASSUMPTIONS -- Assumptions are what we believe to be true, whether they are true or not.
* All miscommunications are the result of differing assumptions.” – Jerry Ballard
* “Differing assumptions result in frustration, pressure, and tension.
* If I could know 100% of your assumptions, I could predict 100% of your actions.
BALANCE -- Plan balance into your life a year in advance. Use the Annual Balance Calendar.
CONFIDENCE – Confidence is a by-product of predictability. 
                                             * Decreasing predictability decreases confidence. 
                                             * Increasing predictability increases confidence.
                                             * If your confidence is wobbling, restore predictability!
CONFRONTING (anxiety) – Move in your thinking from confronting to clarifying.
DECISIONS – “Once the facts are clear, the decisions jump out at you.” – Dr. Peter F. Drucker
DISCOURAGED -- When you get discouraged, review your milestones, not your goals.
ELVIS – Who is the future “Elvis Presley” in today’s “Junior High choir?”
FIRING STAR – Five key words when firing are -- Care, Honest, Fair, Strength and Stress.
FOCUS (Single word) – e.g. What was our team’s single word focus last year? What will it be next year?
FOCUS (Two words) – Focus an organization with a verb and a noun.  (e.g. Rescuing Children).
FOGGY (Mentally or Emotionally) -- Nothing clarifies like measurability.
GRAY ZONE -- Areas of life in which there are no black and white, biblical answers
HAPPINESS – A feeling you get when you have what you want and want what you have
HIRING -- 4 years to get up to “full speed” – Orientation – Experimentation – Evaluation -- Acceleration
INFLUENCE – When you influence a general, you influence the entire army.
INTUITION – To harness your intuition, give whatever you are considering a quick, 1-10 rating.
LEADERSHIP -- 85% of leadership is clear direction, the right team and enough money.
LIFE MESSAGE -- If you could speak to adults worldwide for 15 minutes, what would be your topic?
LIFE PERSPECTIVE (if you’re healthy) -- Your 60’s is your most productive DECADE.
LIFEWORK – What is the work you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life?
MEANING -- Nothing is meaningful without a context.  Defining context increases meaning.

MEMORY – Don’t try to memorize. Read it 100 times, and you’ve memorized it!
NORTH STAR – The basic direction of my entire life
1. God  -- Who is God?
2. Purpose / Mission – Why am I on earth?
3. Dream / Vision  -- What difference do I hope to make during my lifetime?
4. Lifework  -- What work could I do for the rest of my life to make that difference?
5. Legacy – What do I hope to be remembered for after I die?
OPPORTUNITY – “Last year’s unexpected success is next year’s opportunity.” – Dr. Peter F. Drucker
OPPORTUNITY – When opportunity knocks, it is too late to prepare for it.
ORIENTATION -- Three orientations:  Goal setter (15%), Problem solver (80%) and Opportunity seeker (5%)
Startup” takes 10 years.
“Overnight sensation” takes 15 years.
“Lasting for decades” takes 30 years.
ORGANIZED (You need) – 1.  Calendar – 2.  Contacts list – 3.  Filing system – 4.  “To do” list
PLAN – A written statement of a group’s assumptions about its Direction, Organization and Cash
PLAN – Every plan (personal and organizational) starts with the phrase, “At this time … “
POLICY – What we never do or what we always do
PRIMARY RESULT -- The single best measurable indicator of success
PRINCIPLE – Short statement of cause and effect:  “If we do ___, then _____ will be the result.”
RETIREMENT – Being “semi-retired” is easier and more respected than being “retired.”
RETREATS -- (Focus on 3 questions)
                              Where have I/we been? 
                              Where am I/we now? 
                              Where am I /are we going?
SELF-CONCEPT -- Sum total of all the adjectives you use to describe yourself
SIGNIFICANT – Making a difference that lasts.  The longer it lasts, the more significant it is.
STRENGTH – Define your single greatest strength.  Then find ways to maximize it.
STRESS – Approximately 85% of your stress comes from indecision or lack of control.
TEAM – You will never go to your “Super Bowl” without an “All Green Team.”
TIMING – God’s timing is perfect, even when it differs from mine.
TURNAROUND (In 30 days) -- 1.  Hire one.   2.  Fire one.   3.  Shoot a “sacred cow.”
VICTIM – See yourself as “God’s student,” not as “life’s victim.”
VOLUNTEER – Is like a team swear word!  Instead use “unpaid team member.” 
WAR CRY – What motivating word/phrase your entire team can shout … e. g “Kill the cat!”
WISDOM – The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom trumps IQ.
WORK (if it’s frustrating) – View your work as school, e.g., What did I learn today?
WORK -- An activity is work only when you’d rather do something else.
Don’t try to memorize these 50 quotes. Read them 100 times, and you will have memorized them!


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