The Brush-off

Home ownership can be wearisome.  Can’t we annihilate those rascally moles and their trail of mini-pyramids of dirt?  The rotting wooden gutters have got to go.  The roof is growing its own putting green.  We pretend it’s thatched.

Then the biggie -- painting.  Another year of procrastinating and the neighbors will report us to housing’s equivalent to Child Protective Services.

We bite the bullet and give a painter the green light.  Now comes the scary part.  Will he scrape off every flake of old paint or just those at eye level?  Will he power-wash with Grand Coulee force, or give it a Presbyterian sprinkle?

Fast forward, and we’re handing over the final payment.  Our painter escorts us on a walk-around, pointing out extra steps he’s taken to repair and preserve our now gleaming abode.  Why so much angst?  It could not have gone better.

A friend observed, “Sure, there are evil people in the world, but everybody’s doing the best they can.”

Do you give others the benefit of the doubt?  Are you a trusting soul?

“We use (our tongue) to give thanks to our Lord and Father and also to curse other people who are created in the likeness of God.  Words of thanksgiving and cursing pour out from the same mouth; my friends, this should not happen!”  James 3:9-10