Waste Management

Your sails are billowing, inflated by a steady breeze gliding you along effortlessly.  Like you’re being propelled by an unseen hand.  Your health is good, relationships are on an even keel, and there’s cash in your ATM.  As your $140 t-shirt says, “Life is good.”

Then, out of the blue, there’s a pink slip.  Or your doctor calls --- something about your last blood draw.  Or the one whose love you were so sure of leaves.  Pick a crisis, any crisis.  All you know is “Why me?  Why now?  Get me out of this @#$% mess, God.  And I mean NOW!  I can’t take any more!”

As the infomercials shout, “BUT WAIT!  If your problem is solved NOW, you’ll miss our special bonus.”  Really?  What’s that?  New Testament writers Paul and James say there’s value in life’s valleys.  That’s where we learn to stay the course.  That builds character.  And that produces hope.  

God has a nugget of blessing buried under every pile of manure for those who trust in His Son, Jesus.  So, don’t waste your struggles.  If you learn to not waste your struggles, you may have a future in waste management.  Whaddya think?