August 16, 2020

You Don't Say

This 3-letter word packs a wallop like no other.  Its mere whisper unleashes a Goliath-dropping blow.  This mighty mite cracks bank vaults, unites warring factions, seals mammoth deals and defines destinies. So potent, it levies consequences even if you ignore it.

Not long ago a friend who began walking with Jesus Christ as a teenager stepped into eternity.  Sadly, as an adult he had often used this word rather than its antonym.  Yet God who is a faithful, forgiving Father welcomed this prodigal son’s return, all because as a child my friend had said ….. “Y-E-S!”  “Yes, God, I’ve sinned against you and want Your forgiveness.

God is wanting and waiting for each of us to say “yes” to His loving offer.  But He won’t wait forever.  Is procrastinating a gamble you’re willing to take?

“Jesus Christ is the Son of God … and He has always been and will always be for us a resounding “YES!”  2 Corinthians 1:19  The Passion Translation

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