Bobb Biehl, President

Bobb Biehl | Leadership

Dealing with any situation you face without the proper tool is like trying to drive a nail into a hardwood board with your fist.  Helping leaders clearly define and reach their dreams is what this executive mentor delights in doing.  Since 1976 had one-on-one sessions with over 5,000 senior executives, huddling privately for 50,000 hours with some of our generation’s finest leaders.

Bobb’s tools accelerate and maximize growth in individuals, leaders and organizations, introducing focus and balance to  the personal and professional sides of your life.  Sign up to receive his FREE Quick Wisdom emails. Bobb also does consulting/mentoring on the phone an hour at a time.

Life is surprisingly predictable.  Bobb’s new Decade by Decade system describes what’s “normal” for each decade of life, based on observing over 5,000 people during the last 40 years.  It brings perspective to what you are experiencing at this point in your life. As an added bonus it helps us predict and understand what we’re dealing with at our age.  The pleasant result is getting to relax and recalibrate our expectations!