All In The Family

Hitting the air in 1932 in Seattle, “One Man’s Family,” went coast-to-coast until 1959.  This longest-running, uninterrupted soap opera in American radio was set in San Francisco’s Sea Cliff area.  It traced the adventures of Fanny Barbour as mediator between her old-world husband Henry and their five, independent-minded children.
The evolving storyline of a family, perhaps any family, is a study in contrasts.  Examine the cast and you’ll find arrogance and humility, greed and generosity, aggressiveness and apathy, success and failure.  What’s the key to scripting a family legacy of mutual concern, care, encouragement and love?
In his wisdom Solomon wrote, “Reverence for God gives a man deep strength; his children have a place of refuge and security.”
Is your family blessed to have such a man?

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