The His Deal Story

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For more than thirty years His Deal met in a safe, relaxed environment to help men deal with their career, relationships and spiritual life. This came through discovering the practical wisdom of what Jesus Christ taught.

The founder of His Deal seems an unlikely choice to be leading Bible studies. George Toles’ resume’ tilts more toward radio than the Resurrection. He’s been a deejay, newscaster, TV sports anchor, program director, radio salesman, recording studio manager, commercial narrator, NBA stadium announcer and ad agency owner. His broadcasting degrees are from Wheaton College and the University of Illinois.

What is the street saying about His Deal?

“It was truly inspiring to see so many men gather and be committed to growth. Thanks for leading that charge.”

“I wanted to let you know today is my dad’s birthday, so I was hoping you might wish him well. His Deal has been a lifeline for dad. Thank you so much for reaching out to him!!!"

"What a meeting. Inspired.”

"I am excited to be able to join next week!! Grateful to you all and to God for the technology to be able to stay engaged by viewing your recorded content.”

"I really appreciate getting His Deal on YouTube. I have Rotary on Wednesdays, so I could not be on your ZOOM call. However, I watched your interview with John Trent this morning. It was terrific! After hearing John speak, I downloaded his book, The Blessing. I’m halfway through it, and I can tell you, it has touched me like few other books I have read. When I finish, I plan to buy several copies for friends, pastors and coaches at the University of New Mexico. This will impact the lives of so many others. I’m so grateful!"

"Thank you for the peace today's His Deal brought! Man...I needed that! So sorry for being AWOL these past weeks/months/year. "

"Great study. Thanks for the work you put into these lessons. You are meeting a need with all these men. Think I'll invite others from time to time to plug in.”

"MANY THANKS for including me in your Bible study! I learned and shared with others some of the gems I received.”

"Thank you all for who you are and what you mean to those who know you! Grateful to God for allowing me to be apart of this amazing group. Onward and Upward with Godspeed!!!"

"The fruit of His Deal is growing on so many trees. I am just glad to be one of those trees! Just humbled that I get to be a part of this incredible MOVE OF GOD!”

"Thank you for this great honor and your support! Means the world to me, and God has made my life fuller because of you guys and the His Deal family!!”

"I wish I could tell you that I've given my life to Jesus, but it is still difficult for me to accept anything on faith alone. I hope, like many others at His Deal over the years, I will see the Light before it is too late. Please pray that I do."

“It was inspiring to listen to so many brothers in Christ and hear their stories and view points. Thank you for setting this up on Zoom.”

"Thanks for your excellent non-traditional, Christian Bible study with great guests.”

“His Deal will always be one of my treasured memories.”

"Thanks for a great meeting. Jeff was outstanding! Look forward to more His Deal meetings.”

“I felt safe to share something personal with this group and was touched by the remarks and the prayer. What a great group of men!“

“Been going through a rough patch with work, full of trials and blessings, so I appreciate the reminder that God is good all the time!”

"Always a treat to see your name in my inbox! I love getting your updates and messages. Thank you."

"I was touched and inspired by Jeff Kemp. I was just going to ask about the origins of His Deal, and then I saw the 'His Deal Story' on the About page. So will check that out. … Really glad I found His Deal.”

"Doug Burleigh was a great way to end the year! Amazing!"

"I received the books and video by Gen. Abel and the book by Bobb Biehl last week. Thank you. I enjoy very much being with you men and the group of mature men on Zoom. I appreciate being included. Praying for our city, state and country as for peace."

"Wow! What a great meeting! Inspiring! Thank you all!"

"You and your group inspired me to give my life to Jesus. Take care and I will keep in touch."

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all your work and commitment to the kingdom of God! Just know that one day you also will be in the presence of the Lord, and you will be greatly missed here on Earth. 2023 will be a great challenge, but also we will have many great victories!”

"Thank you for the Recommended Reading at His Deal website. This one is GOLD!!!!”

"Today gave me great hope and joy for what God has brought together and will continue to grow in Russia and surrounding countries. The Holy Spirit is working through these men and their families. We also recognize how far this country has fallen and pray for an awakening. Looking forward to our discussion about Romans chapter 5."

"Reflecting Wednesday while on the (Zoom) call of how happy our Lord is that this is going on”

“I am truly grateful for the impact you continue to have in my life and the lives of so many other men!”

“What a terrific resource this is for men who are looking to learn about Jesus Christ and what He taught!”

"It was great to meet you all. It's a very special thing you have going on. I would like for you guys to keep me in the loop.”

"I am excited to share how the Lord has walked with me, even when I was oblivious to his footsteps…"

“(I) watched and (was) so moved by the Pat O'Day podcast. What great fun hearing the jingles again and hearing from the DJ’s. Pat’s testimony brought me to tears of joy. God is so good ... I’m going to show the podcast to two old pals who need to hear the transformative words from Pat and the KJR gang…. will definitely listen in to future His Deals.”

“I was so moved by being with you guys that I can hardly wait for the next. I will be there, you can count on it!”