What’s His Deal?

For more than thirty years His Deal met in a safe, relaxed environment to help men deal with their career, relationships and spiritual life. This comes through discovering the practical wisdom of what Jesus Christ taught.

The His Deal Story

The founder of His Deal seems an unlikely choice to be leading Bible studies. George Toles’ resume’ tilts more toward radio than the Resurrection.  He’s been a deejay, newscaster, TV sports anchor, program director, radio salesman, recording studio manager, commercial narrator, NBA stadium announcer and ad agency owner. His broadcasting degrees are from Wheaton College and the University of Illinois.

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What to Expect from His Deal

We seek to encourage men in the marketplace to actively live out their faith in Christ and to apply the wisdom of the Scriptures in all areas of life. We deal with questions such as:

Who were the most powerful early influences in your life?  How did they impact you?
What did Jesus do for you when you gave your life to Him?
What do you gain from reading and studying the Bible?
Describe the season of life you’re in now.  What have you learned in navigating the transitions from one season to the next?

His Deal Men Are Serving God and You by Dedicating Their God-Given Talents to These Vital Non-Profit Organizations

Kingdom Resource
Cross International
Free Wheelchair Mission
Covenant Living at the Shores
Northwest Network Foundation
Athletes In Action
Fatherhood CoMission
The Winning Ways
Restoration Counseling
Paraclete 46
Pacific Justice Institute
Mentoring Is a MUST
Let's Sack Cancer
International Graduate School of Ministry
Illyricum Movement, Albania
Jeff Kemp Team
Christian Association of Youth Mentoring
Calvary Chapel, Belize
C3 Leaders
Advisors in Philanthropy