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His Deal is a safe gathering place for men who are curious about Jesus Christ and what He taught.
We meet two Wednesdays each month at 12:30 pm PT on Zoom.

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Is His Deal Your Kind of Deal?

Today’s man doubts that anybody knows the crushing responsibilities he bears and the fickle relationships that change more often than his underwear. He dares not let anyone know how inadequate he feels, or how much he longs for a dad to have fun with, listen to his struggles, teach him life’s basics and give him advice he can trust. So he hides his hurts, faking it, convinced that other guys earn more, own more and get more from life than he could ever fantasize, thinking, “If I just had access to trustworthy support.”

Twice monthly we explore these issues in creative, non-threatening ways, learning that God is so proud of us, that He has nothing against us, and is always ready to embrace us with open arms.

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What Has Drawn a Few Thousand Men To His Deal For 30 Years?

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Captivating Speakers

From diverse fields and cultures, they transparently reveal the advantages of trusting Jesus.

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Enlightening Exchanges

You're acquiring new friends of all ages - inquiring minds with diverse backgrounds, fascinating careers and interests.

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Practical Wisdom

Together we explore the Bible as the God-inspired story of how far He went to prove that He loves you.

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Nov 3
12:30 - 1:30 PM PT

Heir Mail: Romans chs. 9-12

On Wed., Nov. 3, our Bible study will focus again on Romans as Paul reveals chapters 9-12: "Spiritual blindness & the Rewired Mind."

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We Hear You

"Thanks for your excellent non-traditional, Christian Bible study with great guests.”

"Today’s leaders/presenters gave me great hope and joy for what God has brought together and will continue to grow in Russia and surrounding countries. The Holy Spirit is working through these men and their families. We also recognize how far this country has fallen and pray for an awakening. Looking forward to our discussion about Romans ch.5"

"I am excited to be able to join next week!! Grateful to You all and to God for the technology to be able to stay engaged through the recordings. But I sure do miss the fellowship of being a part of the ‘live' Zooms.”

"Great study. Thanks for the work you put into these lessons. You are meeting a need with all these men. Think I'll invite others from time to time to plug in.”

"Thank you for the peace today's His Deal brought! Man...I needed that! So sorry for being AWOL these past weeks/months/year. "

"Reflecting Wednesday while on the (Zoom) call of how happy our Lord is that this is going on”

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