A Scandal Too Hot To Handle

All the scandalicious chicanery leaked by whistleblowers will never compare with the greatest scandal of all.  In the most magnanimous act of love, God willingly dispatched His one and only Son from heaven’s unimaginable splendor to a speck in His trackless universe.  Jesus Christ came to show us what God is like, and to establish heaven-on-earth.  

Yet He was falsely accused, cursed, spit on, given a hellish halo of thorns, forced to carry His own cross, hung with the most heinous criminals, stripped, nails pounded through His hands and feet, shouldering every sin ever committed.  

This holy, perfect One, the Creator and giver of life itself, suffered, died and defeated death so that undeserving sinners like you and I could become, in God’s sight, totally, permanently forgiven!

This scandal of all scandals has you, yes you, right in the middle of it.