A Time for Bustin' Out

Brides. Graduates. Dads. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Summer vacation.  Come to think of it, June – not December – is a top contender for the busiest, most celebration-packed month of the year.  Lowly, non-descript, one-syllable June slips quietly to the front of the pack like an unheralded, 50-to-1 shot at Churchill Downs.

There are presents to wrap and receive, greeting cards to send and to read.  Important milestones to note.  Faithful friends to hug from afar.  Dear family members to honor. Each event on your calendar recalls a moment to treasure with care, like a Tiffany’s keepsake.  

Then there are memories you’d just as soon would never creep back, even annually.  They seem to play no favorites; all of us are haunted by some.

But THIS June will be a new beginning!  Let’s focus this month on all the wonderful people and events and memories and things in our life that we can CELEBRATE.  Each time we see the word “June” let’s laser in on that first letter and come up with another reason to be Joyful.

By the way, what, or whom, is the wellspring of real Joy in your life?