Beleaf Me

One of my doctors has just given me the results of an uncomfortable test I’d taken.  The news is not as grim as I feared, nor is it an “all clear.”  What should my attitude be when something or someone fails to meet my expectations?

A mountain-fresh rivulet dances down a reckless stream bed strewn with boulders as big as a small planet.  A golden aspen leaf rides the darting current like it’s breaking in a wild horse.  Unlike that leaf you and I have the capacity and foresight to step out of that careening stream before colliding with a life-altering monolith.  

What’s your destination in life?  What’s the wisest route to take? If you haven’t defined for yourself what it means to “finish well,” any stream will do.  But beware of whirlpools and waterfalls.  We all need a Guide.  

If I asked you to “Take me to the pilot of your soul,” who would that be?