Boiling Point

Alec Rowlands, a respected voice in our community, identifies seven cultures where we resemble the frog in a kettle. First, the culture of DEATH celebrates a loathsome disregard for human life in the womb and in euthanasia.

The culture of DECEPTION has taken us from the drive-ins of our youth to today’s rampant drive-by’s. Elected officials feed us falsehoods, assuming we’re mental midgets.

RACISM and DIVISION are human graffiti that scar America’s soul. ISOLATION and LONELINESS have us hiding behind masks that stifle relationships and fail to protect our health.

SEXUAL PERVERSION has us confused about gender, thinking men can give birth and waffling on biblical marriage.

An ancient prophet moans, “What sorrow for those who say evil is good and good is evil!”* But, happily, God still rules the nations. Those in whom He dwells have nothing to fear for that same prophet offers this hope: “People who walk in darkness will see a great Light.”**

Jesus Christ is the “Light of the world.” He could return at any moment. Who can you introduce to this Light?

*Isaiah 5:20 **Isaiah 9:2

Go Light Your World - Chris Rice