“Breaking News” bombards us relentlessly.  The media’s appetite for violence, disasters, tragedies and lawlessness is insatiable.  How does this impact your day?

You grab the rear bumper of your stock portfolio and skateboard behind it all day as it spikes, plummets or goes nowhere.  With clenched fists you follow the search for victims of an awful accident. You watch world leaders brandish their threats of annihilation.

What’s the solution?  Should you turn off the world and become a knuckle-dragging hermit?

A particular Hebrew poem offers an answer worth considering:

“You’re fortunate if you honor the Lord and delight in His ways.  You don’t fear bad news.  With confidence in Him you can fearlessly face your foes, assured of victory.”

This loose paraphrase of Psalm 112 won’t be on the evening news tonight.  We’ll take a brief commercial break while you think about this, okay?