Clean Slate

A new year is a clean slate. Swipe off the past, and focus on who God says you’re becoming.

Ancient Greece’s thinkers hung out at the Areopagus, their Cheers bar. Flanked by a pantheon of pagan idols, this shark tank of wannabe Socra-teasers argued the new “iFads.”

Paul, God’s first envoy, knew how to push their buttons: “Athenians, I get it; you’re religious. You worship ‘an unknown god.’ May I introduce you?”  

Paul suggests what to put on their slates.  Note his attention to details, especially the verbs.

“From one man, Adam, God made every man, woman and every race of humanity. He spread us over all the earth. He sets the boundaries of people and nations and their appointed times in history. He's done this so that every person would long for God, feel their way to Him, and find Him for He’s the God who’s easy to discover. Through Him we live, function and have our identity; as your poets say, ‘Our lineage comes from Him.”*

Paul clarifies why God gave you life. He puts you at the exact place and time where you can point a searching soul to the real God who’s not hiding.  You found Him, right?  If so, get ready to make Him known to someone near. It’s a thrill!

*Acts 17:26-28