Color Your World


Its roots are Greek, meaning “word making.”  This seldom spoken figure of speech imitates the sound of what it’s describing.

Listen to yourself saying these verbal Crayolas: bang, coo, oink, meow, roar, chirp, soothe, crash, pop, boom, beep, bow-wow, choo-choo, fizz, hiccup, moo, screech, splash, toot and zap.

This linguistic tool can add a splash of color or a soothing sound to your word making.  The Old Testament tells us, “Like golden apples in silver settings, so is a word spoken at the right time.” Our discourse can be coarse or caring, harsh or helpful.

Will you join me in this whisss-purrred prayer today?

“Let the words from my mouth and the thoughts from my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my Helper and my Savior.” Psalm 19:14