Eternal Optimist

“An optimist,” it’s said, “is a fellow who believes that a housefly is looking for a way to get outside.”  How many eternally positive people do you know?  Folks whose glasses are forever half-full.

Schroeder, swimming in his oversized catcher’s mitt and chest protector, trudges to the mound, plops the ball in Charlie Brown’s glove and sighs.  “Charlie, it’s 3-and-0 again, bases loaded.  Still nobody out.”  

Charlie shrugs, “What’s gone wrong?”  

Schroeder ponders, then replies, “We live in troubled times.”

Indeed we do.  But the One who made and loves you offers this counsel in the Manufacturer’s Handbook:  “Don’t be anxious about anything.  Instead, talk to the Lord about it, and He’ll guard your heart and mind and will be your Peace.”  

With Christ, you are an eternity optimist.  Isn’t that a game-changer?