"Eyes Right!"

It’s that Palm Sunday. JESUS is healing the blind and crippled. 

Jerusalem’s religious elite witness the supernatural evidence of who this Nazarene carpenter is. For all who had eyes to see, He’s their expected MESSIAH. Even barefoot children cheer His miraculous deeds, but not the pompous prelates from the temple.  

Instead of honoring GOD’s SON, these hypocrites devote their days to reading and copying ancient biblical texts but trip over the CORNERSTONE whom the GOD-in-your-face had sent to save them! 

JESUS parries their twisted, theological thrusts, plunging deep into their clerical cockiness with this disarming question:  

“Have you never read the Scriptures?” 

As you face your frailties, be sure that JESUS is still in the miracle-working biz. It’s not just a side hustle for HIM. 

“JESUS looked at them intently and said, “’Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with GOD everything is possible.’”  Matthew 19:26