Fall Forward

What is it about September?  It seems to be as much of a new leaf to be turned over as does January 1st.  Why is that?

Perhaps this past summer you took your eye off the ball, and deservedly so.  You needed a break from the job, school or the home.  Maybe you encountered some setbacks, some disappointments that need to be put behind you.  Face it, you’re ready for a fresh start.

Last spring we “fell forward” into Daylight Savings Time.  Soon we’ll “fall back” into Standard Time.  Could it be that on a personal, an emotional, yes a spiritual level, we should instead fall forward?  But forward into what?

Accomplishing which three objectives this fall would constitute a move forward for you?  To help you come up with your three, try the first chapter of Proverbs. It truly is a word from the wise.

Will it be your word to the wise?