Are You Freakin'?

We’re drowning in “breaking news” ….mass shootings, killer earthquakes, gang violence, death threats toward leaders, viral diseases, wars, lying leaders, tyrannical control, leaky borders admitting criminals, no due process, jailed but not charged, energy-dependent, stalled supply chains and more.

Mercenaries may be coming to destroy a street near you. Are you ready? Got food, water, TP, ammo, meds, an emergency plan for your residence as well as your neighborhood?

Someone presciently advised, “BE ready so you won’t be forced to GET ready.” Will a crisis find you unprepared?  Then this is your heads-up. God spoke through His prophet: “The sovereign Lord never does anything without revealing His plan to His servants, the prophets.”*  

Through another spokesman the Almighty added,

“I am the Lord; there is no other God. … I create both light and darkness; I bring both blessing and disaster.  I, the Lord, do all these things … I, the Lord, will make this happen.”**

Are you freakin’? Then call Nahum for this comforting news:

“The Lord is good; He protects His people in times of trouble; He takes care of those who turn to Him.***

*Amos3:7; ** Isaiah 45:5-7; *** Nahum 1:7