Here Comes the Son

Springtime in the Northwest is a fickle flirt.  

After months of porous, gray ceilings the long-awaited vernal equinox tiptoes in, clutching golden daffodils and enough tulips to export bulbs to Holland.  Rhodies in dizzying palates of colors pop up at each turn in the road.  Japanese cherry trees come calling from our neighbors along the Pacific Rim.

This floral concert continues against a backdrop of temperatures and skies that veer from “I thought you’d never come!” to “It might as well be winter.”

Seasons in life may change, but some things stay the same.  Are your days primarily a porous gray?  Are you weary of getting soaked in the gloom of shattered expectations?  Is the grass dryer on the other side of the mountains?  

Is it time to let the Son shine into your life, down deep into your soul?  When you do, an entirely new forecast for your future will burst into full bloom.