It's Time To Shine

True confession.

I brain-cramp when Daylight Savings Time rolls around.  What does “spring forward” mean?  It’s supposed to give us an added hour of sunlight, especially welcome in a cloudy clime.  But isn’t that stealing an hour from darkness?  So much for eight hours of sleep.  And, by the way, which clocks reset automatically for DST?

In the very, very beginning we read, “Then God commanded, ‘Let there be light’ – and light appeared.  God was pleased with what He saw.  Then He separated light from darkness, and He named the light ‘Day’ and the darkness ‘Night.’  Evening passed and morning came – that was the first day.”

Could it be any simpler?  It seems that anytime we add the human element, confusion is the result.  The Creator Himself, in whose image we all were made, called His followers “the Light of the world.”

In light of that, are you ready to spring forward?