Keep Your Distance

“Let’s stay in touch” is often said at the outset of a new friendship or the rekindling of an old one.  Pandemics come with strict, no-touch guidelines for those who are socially active.  We can be only so close to another person, with only so many present in one place.

Introverts equate being quarantined to a paid vacation. For them the forced separation of being housebound is like winning the Publishers Clearinghouse whereas the extrovert would happily trade his Costco card to be in a flash mob.

How are you coping with this pan-demonium?  What about giving this a try?
“Don’t worry about anything;
Pray about everything;
Thank God for everything,
Then God's peace will keep your hearts and minds safe in Christ Jesus.
I have learned to be content in any circumstance.
Peace and contentment.  What more could you desire?  Shall we let the learning begin?