Milk Your Moments

Our family has just had a memorable two weeks. We came to the conclusion that, ironically, the same event can produce poles-apart feelings. 

Our older daughter lives overseas. We had not seen her in quite some time. The days before she arrived crept much too slowly for us

But while she was here, time fled much too quickly for us. Same event. Opposite perceptions. 

Psalm 90, the oldest song in that ancient hymnal, is this prayer by Moses: 

“Teach us to realize the brevity of life so that we may grow in wisdom.” Here’s how:

Stretch the good minutes
Shrink the bad days
Redeem each hour 

To wisely use the time we have on earth, try this:

Replay the gifts God has given you.
Reject reliving what God has forgiven.
Rescue irreplaceable moments. 

"Which one of these three needs your attention most at this time?"

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