Missing Persons

Can’t we settle this amicably?  Oatmeal without syrup, sliced bananas and almonds is a breakfast worth boycotting.  Without all those ingredients, it doesn’t work.

Likewise, too few or too many chromosomes in each cell of our bodies is not good math.  Forty-six is the limit per cell, thank you.  And what’s a molecule of water without both hydrogen atoms?  Or when energy matters, what good is E=MC without squaring the C?  You can’t have a yin without its yang, they say.

Would the same algorithm be true of us?  Did you earn your way into this world, or was it simply a present for which you did nothing but show up?  Can there be a gift without a Giver?

Are you on speaking terms with the Giver of your next breath?  Or should we send out an APB?