Mission Possible

You’re rocking back ’n’ forth, pacing-in-place, waiting for a green light. The sea of humanity surrounding you, all decked out in their business best, appears to have it all together. But in your heart of hearts you’re as directionless as kelp in a tidal pool. 

Suddenly you remember that you forgot to restock your wallet this morning. You peel out of the mob and find yourself standing before an ATM. As you punch in your PIN, you tote up how much you’ll need today, and for what.  

Meanwhile, the tsunami of humanity waits to be transported aimlessly to greener pastures on, hopefully, the sunnier side of the street. 

“Ka-ching!”  Your ATM gurgles out an unexpected, tough-lovely reply:  “Before I make good my promise to provide for every believer, answer these three questions: 

1. From what do you derive your highest sense of fulfillment?
2. Who are you best equipped to help?
3. If you spotted that person in a burning building, how and when would you respond? 


“When I (do what) for people who (need this), I’m instantly fulfilled with a sense of God’s purpose.” 

Having filled in those blanks, could this be God’s reason for placing you at this crowded intersection with so many souls who need what He’s gifted you to provide?


“God our Savior wants everyone to be saved and to come to know the Truth.”  1 Timothy 2:4