Movin' On Up

Your profession is undoubtedly served by digital or ink-stained tradepublications with mug shots of new hires, hotshots promoted to thecorner office, and winners of your industry’s most coveted awards.

Missing is mention of the newly fired, laid off or laid up on sickleave.  Apparently, if you’re not a glittering hot ticket, you have toget arrested to warrant any notoriety.

The writers of Scripture don’t shy away from naming names of thegood, the bad or the ugly.  That’s because, as God puts it, every single one of us, from the penthouse to the outhouse, is a sinner, helpless to save him or herself from sin’s final penalty.  No broken bones aboutit, we need a Savior.  His name is Jesus Christ.

To achieve His finest hour and garner the world’s attention, He toohad to get arrested.  Then nailed to a cross.  He did that so that whencivilization’s final book of record is opened, your name can beprominently listed under “Upwardly Mobile Promotions.”