New Year, New Voice

A century ago our grandparents were welcoming 1913.  Woodrow Wilson, who succeeded Howard Taft as President, created the Federal Reserve banking system.  In sports look at these birth announcements:  Woody Hayes,Vince Lombardi, Paul “Bear” Bryant, Mel Allen and John Facenda.

“Who is John Facenda?”  His was the Wurlitzer-sized voice of NFLFilms.  Pig-skinned fans instantly pay reverent homage to his resonant,voice-of-God pipes.

What will 2013 bring?  Perhaps the return of One whose “Peace, bestill” calmed an angry sea.  The One whose “Lazarus, come forth”restored life to a newly deceased friend.  The One who calls Himself the Good Shepherd whose sheep know His voice.

2013 could be the happiest of all new years for you, the year you’ll come to know and love the Good Shepherd’s voice.  You wouldn’t letanything or anyone pull the wool over your ears, removing your name from the Lamb’s Book of Life, would you?