No Doubt

Ralph Waldo Emerson is remembered for doggedly asking friends, “What has become clear to you since we last met?”

We admire leaders who boldly face reality, clearly understand and articulate problems, and, with courageous confidence, attempt to solve them.

Do you squander precious “think time” rehearsing your doubts?  Would it be more constructive to concentrate on what you’re certain of?

In April and May this year our topic will be “No Doubt:  What Do You Know For Sure?”  To make this opportunity as practical for you as possible, I need your input.

What lingering question do you keep asking yourself?  Click here and tell me anonymously what you would like to be more sure of.  We’ll try to respond at lunch to each doubt that’s expressed.

Will all who read this respond?  That’s one of my doubts!  But may I count on you?