No Limits

I confess.  Once while driving from Flagstaff up to the Grand Canyon, I let my speedometer needle tiptoe up to 100 mph.  No cars in sight, and my passengers weren't paying attention.

Why do we push to the edges of wisdom?  Do we think we're bullet-proof?  Or above the law?  Or do we just call it "research?"

What do you wish people would give you an unlimited supply of?  How about patience?  If you're near a Bible, check First Timothy 1: 15-17.  You guessed it: if you're on Jesus Christ's team, His patience with you knows no boundaries.

If you haven't closed the deal and joined His team yet, you may be living in what soccer calls "stoppage time."  That's when the clock on the field shows zero time left in the match, but the referee has granted an additional "grace period" which is kept only on his watch.  You won't know the game is over .... until it's over.

Are you racing toward the Grand Canyon, ignoring the clock?  Be careful; that big pothole coming up is a doozy.