No Thanks

“Words have meaning.”  So said the late Julian Jaynes, an American psychologist.

Take the root word, thanks.  To express appreciation for a gift, favor, compliment or act of service, just saying “Thanks” may seem to be a bit flippant and disingenuous.

“Thankful” is a state of mind, an internal feeling, an inert and unarticulated thought.
“Thanksgiving” is an intentional, overt communication of one’s gratitude.

Years ago a women’s Bible class at a Memphis church mailed a check each month to my single-parent, working Mom to help put me through a Christian high school and college.  Much to my shame, I didn’t think to thank those ladies until many years into my adulthood.  By that time most of them had probably already moved into their celestial condos.

At this Thanks-giving season I’m reminded to be alert to seizing the opportunity to GIVE thanks rather than to simply be thankful.

Thank you for reading this far.