Petaling Back to Go Forward

Is the annual outbreak of colorful spring flowers God’s way ofapologizing for winter?  No, His unconditional love means He never hasto say He’s sorry.

Seeking someone’s forgiveness is vital in growing fragrantrelationships.  It’s often daunting, but it’s where healing begins. Jesus demonstrated that when from the cross He prayed, “Father, forgivethem because they don’t have a clue.”  

Neil Diamond wrote the 1978 hit song, “You Don’t Bring Me FlowersAnymore.”  Peace offerings are nice, but apologies use sincerely spokenwords.  Dr. Gary Chapman prescribes these:

“I’m really sorry; I feel badly about that.  I was wrong; I shouldnot have done that.  What can I do to make this up to you? I don’t wantto do this again.  Will you forgive me?”

After satisfactory closure, like the longed-for spring blossoms, your relationship is free to bloom once more.  

Aren’t we glad Jesus was thinking of you and me when He prayed that prayer?