Profound Questions

Spirituality is a growth stock, what with people trying to get in touch with their inner whatever.  But isn't it futile to look inwardly for spiritual answers?

If you could rattle off the Pythagorean Theorem, don't kid a kidder; you learned that from a prof or a book, not from within yourself.  Even that sixth century Greek, Pythagarus, made his epic find by studying Egyptian pyramid builders.

Let's say that the answers to your spiritual quest lie with the One who made you.  That's what we do at His Deal.  We're not a church, not a fraternity of God-geeks.  We work in downtown offices, in the professions, in the trades, all walks.  We meet in a corporate boardroom, not a sanctuary.  It's a safe place for men who are curious about what Jesus Christ taught.

Israel's second king, David, wrote to God,

"By Your words I can see where I'm going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path."