Race For Peace

Our nation is engaged in a heated debate about how we should respectfully treat each other.

News and opinion outlets are airing the views of all sides. Which position has the ring of truth? Who has the authority and power to create a lasting peace? What can heal the din of angry voices, clouds of tear gas, sloganeering, destruction and physical violence?

The One who created us in a variety of skin suits, loving each of us with all of our differences, speaks through His friend Paul:  “No longer do we judge anyone by human standards. God, through Christ who died for us, has changed us from His enemies to His friends. He’s given us the assignment to deliver to each other that life-giving message.”

If we choose “NO God,” then we’ll have “NO peace.”  But if we choose to “KNOW God,” then we’ll “KNOW peace.”

“Now that we have been put right with God through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”  Romans 5:1
Will you let your “no” be “know” and your yes be yes?