Strangely, we give no thought to something as vital and continuous as breathing unless we have a respiratory disorder. Our lungs dutifully regurgitate carbon dioxide and refill with oxygen. This involuntary process rolls on like Arlo Guthrie’s “City of New Orleans.”

Some biblical prophets are sensing that dramatic events will soon shake our worldwide foundations, both tangible and metaphysical. If these calamities occur, how will you respond?  

There’s much wisdom in “Be ready so you won’t have to get ready.” However, it’s tempting to react in confusion, fear or panic. Would you be content to claim “The Lord is my Shepherd?” Can you rely on Him to protect you from whatever may come?

Each breath is a gift from God. Every gift has a giver, but every gift does not have a receiver unless it’s received. What gift have you been given that you have not yet received?

“From one man (God) has made every nation of humanity to live all over the earth. He has given them the seasons of the year and the boundaries within which to live. He has done this so that they would look for God, somehow reach for Him, and find Him. In fact, He is never far from any one of us.”  Acts 17:26-27