Ready or Not

What are you waiting for?

What did kids do before smartphones or video games to fight boredom? High-tech for my generation was Etch-a-Sketch, now in its 60th year.  Remember “Pick-Up Sticks?” This genius toy introduced toddlers to anxiety. If you couldn’t afford to buy a new cannister of the manufacturer’s sticks, you just dumped a box of toothpicks on the table, then tried to untangle the random pile one-at-a-time while avoiding a cave-in.

But the best time-killer in those Dark Ages required no equipment. You know it, you loved it -- “Hide’n’Seek.” When it was “Game On!” the one who was first to shout, “I’m it,” scurried off to find a hide-away none of his buddies could locate.  Let's say you’re 3 years old, and you are “it.”  You’re cowering under the dining room table. Dad shouts (as if he’s miles away), “Ready or not, here I come!”

You scamper beneath a table next to your father.  He spots your toes inching out from beneath the tablecloth and booms, “Where oh where could that big boy of mine be hiding?" You’re breathing heavily, loud enough for Dad to hear, but he doesn’t let on.  You’re now giggling out loud, but still the charade continues, both of you in denial.  At last you can contain your pent-up joy no longer, crawl out into the open, then lunge into your Daddy’s arms.

Whether they know it or not, people in every nation today are waiting for the Savior to take them to heaven.  Only those who’ve said “yes” to Him will go with Him.  Don’t hesitate to say “yes” to Jesus because “Ready or not, here HE comes!”

“'I’m coming soon!' Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!!” (Revelation 22:20)