Is it just our circle, or are an inordinate number of your friends and family also in the hospital these days?  Surgeons must be doing a land office business.

Railroaders know about sidings – stretches of track where one train waits for another to pass by on the main line.  If train B weren’t chillin’ on the siding, imagine it meeting Train A on the fast track.  When you’re sidelined for whatever reason, it’s easy to feel passed by while others are doing “important” things, racing by you in the HOV lane while you’re eating through a straw in front of “Days Of Our Lives.”

One of God’s key reps named Paul wrote, “I have learned to be content in every situation.”  Your Creator may have you in a holding pattern for a very good reason.  What could you focus on now while you have some unrequested “siding time?”  

And how does it feel knowing that God has you in His wheelhouse, right where He wants you and loves you?  On time and on track.