So How's It Working For You?

We don’t want to go there, even in a fleeting thought.  But, bummer, summer’s end is just around the bend.

Has your “rain break” delivered all the satisfaction you’d staked your hopes on?  Or did someone or something toss you a gutter ball?

You had all your ducks in a row.  Every unwanted surprise anticipated.  Even a killer Plan B standing by to pinch hit.

And yet, to date, your swing at summer has been a series of foul balls.  

If only people would stick to your script!  If only your boss, your staff, the Dow, the Fed, the stimulus package, Congress, those crazy North Koreans, Ahmadinejad, the media …. all those folks who, if they had a brain cell, would be listening to YOU…….

Who really is in control here anyway?  Apparently not you.  Certainly not me.

Let’s see.  Who does that leave?