“Take Heart!”

At the age of nearly 100 Dr. Michael DeBakey wrapped up a stellar, 75-year career as a surgeon, scientist, inventor and educator.  His artificial heart and roller pump made open heart surgery a reality, saving thousands of lives each year.

In his residency my late cousin, Dr. Noel Lawson, M.D., a cardio-anesthesiologist, had the privilege of providing anesthesia services for Dr. DeBakey and his renowned colleague, Dr. Denton Cooley.  Little did Noel and I know then how God would operate in our lives.

Ancient medical practitioners dealt with circumcision which certified one’s share in God’s unbreakable promise to Abraham, gifting Canaan to the Jews.  Some mistakenly believe this “Covenant” was annulled, but may it not be so, since it also ensures that Abe’s lineage will produce the Messiah who will bless all peoples. This sinless Lamb’s blood is the only sacrifice that can justify God’s forgiveness of every sin.

Some early Christ followers insisted that faith was insufficient to be “saved.” They said you must become a foreskin-less Jew to be a Christian. But neither a rabbi’s crude knife nor a cutting edge laser can save a soul.

“Under the old system year after year the high priest entered the most holy sanctuary with blood that was not his own. The Messiah did not need to repeatedly offer Himself year after year (on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur) for that would mean He must suffer repeatedly ever since the fall of the world. But now He has appeared at the fulfillment of the ages to abolish sin once and for all by the sacrifice of Himself.” (Hebrews 9:25-26)

Have you opened your heart to God’s generous offer of eternal life?