Hiding Eggs or Easter?

When you were a kid, remember those Easter egg coloring kits? The decals transferred images and words onto hard-boiled eggs which our parents hid for us under the couch cushions. Somehow I failed to make the connection between colored eggs and the open tomb. But now upon reflection …

In its original state an egg holds the promise of new life. Its highest purpose is to be a contributing member of a family. Finally, in all its golden, shimmering radiance, it will lie in total submission beside an iron-scarred waffle, designed to delight and sustain life.

Instead of the IHOP scenario above, our friend, the egg, chooses to harden and self-identify with parts of the creation, not the Creator. In so doing it misses the true message of Easter which is ………

To give your life true meaning, allow yourself to be broken, as our Savior was, in unending union with the Bread of Life.”

Are you ready to come hungry and leave happy?


“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”  Philippians 1:21