The Day The Music Died

October 1st is the anniversary of Yosemite National Park, Stanford University, Ford’s Model T, People’s Republic of China, Disney World and the first CD player.

Sadly, it will also be remembered for the deadliest-ever mass shooting in modern U.S. history.  At this writing some 60 lives were snuffed out by a lone lunatic who showered a concert crowd with a blizzard of bullets.  More than 500 are hospitalized, many of whom may never make it home again.

Couldn’t an all-powerful God have prevented this?  What kind of sinister monster or twisted worldview inflicted this horror?

One of God’s chief spokespeople, Paul, put it this way.  “We’re not fighting against human beings but against wicked, spiritual forces.”  Namely, Satan and his demonic angels.  That said, Paul advises us to put on the armor that only an all-wise, loving God gives us to ward off the enemy’s attacks.

October 1st is also the day in 1957 when “In God We Trust” first appeared on our U.S. currency.  Because what happened in Las Vegas won’t stay in Las Vegas, in whom or what are you placing your trust?