The Gift That Keeps On Living

To write in Chinese, you may choose from 80,000 different characters.  Of course, your keyboard is the size of Delaware.  Honestly, we don’t make it much easier to communicate in English.  For example:

The presence of mind
Those presents of mine
The peasants who mined
The prescience of mimes

In this season for giving will your bank balance allow you to be flamboyant in your shopping?  Or are you more inclined toward the practical, opting to meet needs rather desires?

If you could give each person in the world one present, and if they were all to get the same gift, what would it be?

Long ago some Middle Eastern ranchers were working the graveyard shift when, in a jumpin’ jack flash, the skies lit up with the appearance of some intergalactic guests.
One of the aliens spoke up, announcing that a Gift sent from beyond the stars had arrived on earth, a Gift that would bring Peace to all everywhere and in every age to come.  This Peace would be available to all who would accept it on the Giver’s generous terms.

His Deal is all about honoring and celebrating that Present whose Presence keeps on giving.  And keeps on living within us.  Have you unwrapped that Gift yet, the one with your name on it?