The Mentor Inventor

Do you have a mentor?  A seasoned, trusted adviser?  Someone you respect for their priceless experience, practical wisdom and poignant concern for your well-being?

This month one of my most valuable mentors, Bobb Biehl, will spend a day with several His Deal friends and me.  What he downloads to us is trustworthy, time-tested and to-the-point in its actionable focus.  

An hour with Bobb is the equivalent of a year of grad school.  His counsel will, as always, enlighten, redirect or set the course of our lives, to various extents.

Who’s implanting their mature perspectives in you?  Are you prepared to admit that you don’t have all the answers?  But then, if you have most of the answers, are you yourself mentoring someone?

The One who loves you most wants to begin discipling you in successfully navigating life today and all of your tomorrows.  His credentials?  Hey, He invented mentoring.

Are you ready and willing to follow Him?