Truth Questioned

Bobb Biehl and Bob Tiede, as His Deal Specialists, believe we learn and lead best by asking profound questions. These Bible verses may be the four most profound.

1.   “Adam, where are you?” This is the first recorded question to fall from God’s own lips. The all-knowing Almighty was not in the dark regarding Adam’s whereabouts. No, He was giving our forefather an opportunity to face and confess his sin.  

2.   “Who do you say I am?” You and I, either as believers or skeptics, will one day admit, with unrestrained joy or regret, that Jesus is who He claimed to be.  

3.   “What must I do to be saved?” Sadly, many know how but have yet to accept God’s free gift of total and permanent forgiveness. 

4.   “What is truth?” Just hours before being nailed to the cross, God’s Son is hauled before Pilate who peppers Him with insulting questions before having Him whipped and crowned with thorns. 

But the question of the ages had already been answered earlier in that passion week when Jesus told His closest friends, “I am the Truth.” Indeed, He is all about the Truth and nothing but the Truth. So help Him, God.  

And you? Who do you say Jesus is?  

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Nobody gets to My Father unless he goes through Me.”  John 14:6