Let’s have a seat on this park bench while those geese and gulls practice touch’n’go’s on the lake.  Life appears to be so uncomplicated for these graceful creatures, doesn’t it?

Are you finding it harder these days to peel away the packaging and get to the truth?  “Cover down!” is a military command meaning, “Fall in line to conceal those in line in front of or behind you.” Ironically, “cover-up” is “a device for masking or concealing.”

(1)   When, most recently, have you experienced genuine love, and how did it affect you?
(2)   Who’s best qualified to uncover truth in what you’re currently facing?

Who embodies both Love and Truth?  He’s God’s own Son, the One who said what you and I desperately want to say with gusto:

“I am doing exactly what the Father destined me to accomplish …“  John 14:31a