What Do You Know For Sure

What word best describes the world’s mood as we enter 2012?  How about …..UNCERTAINTY?

Uncertainty is the absence of…..duh….certainty. How do you determine what’s true and what isn’t?

• Pragmatism (It’s right if it works.)  
• Pluralism (There’s no single, right answer.)  
• Existentialism (You determine what’s right for you.)
• Relativism (Truth varies.)
• Syncretism (Truth comes from merging beliefs.)
• Rationalism (Man’s reason is the supreme authority.)
• Empiricism (Truth is arrived at via sensual experience.)
• Atheism (There is no God.)
• Agnosticism (Ultimate knowledge can’t be attained.)

When it comes to defining ultimate truth, what matters is not how you feel; it’s what you know.  This line is from an ancient book of songs:

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Do we pause long enough to discover Truth?  What do you know for sure?