What's Going On?

Arriving in riot-ravaged Detroit in 1964 to be a deejay at WJBK, the first Motown star I met was Marvin Gaye. It was four years before his mega-hit, “What’s Going On?” -- a question still stumping us.

The “Prince of Soul” crooned the answer, “We’ve got to find a way to bring love here today.” Okay, so how do we pull that off?

Today’s news is so depressing, but at least you should get both sides. Firewall your senses to filter out the avalanche of garbage. We live smarter when we’re accountable. Is there someone who can speak truth to you?

Marvin Gaye, Sr. was a pastor. His son, Marvin Gaye Jr. was killed at age 45 in a gunfight with his father.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, you’re in a spiritual war. Read your dogtag; remember who God says you are. Use the armor He’s issued you.

“Guard your heart above all else because it determines the course of your life.”*

 *Proverbs 4:23